Network specifications
  1. Network is opened for worldwide publishers
  2. Publisher must have one or more own websites , blogs ...
  3. Number of websites where is ads placed is not limited
  4. Minimum revenue payment is $20.00 via PayPal

What is not allowed

  1. Open more than one account per publisher
  2. Rotating ad codes with proxy or automated or another scripts or software that generate one or listed IP basement
  3. Inserting into Verification File invalid personal verification data [ Under request ]

Payment specs

  1. Publisher's revenue payment is released every month for billing period of previous month , between 10. 20. day of the new month ( month after the monthly billing period is closed )
  2. Payments is sent out via PayPal Payment Processor (
  3. Minimum amount for payment is $20.00 USD , all lowest monthly earnings is moved in first day of the month into actual month earnings as one impression of PPAd with price equal with last month earnings ( revenue is moved to new month )

Calculating revenue
Revenue is calculated from

  1. price of one impression per visitor's country and visitor repeatings
  2. repeations of visitor's ( max amount per person and day is capped to 7 )
  3. Also any country is have defined price for every one impression of visitor's